Changes during pregnancy Changes during pregnancy

Changes during pregnancy

Current living 24 July, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

As their bodies change and transform over a period of nine months, expecting mothers prepare emotionally for what is to come.

During pregnancy, women experience many changes. Beyond physical changes, there are also certain emotional cycles that can make her go from being sad to happy in a matter of seconds. To start, the simple act of discovering that you are expecting can sometimes be difficult to take in: fear, happiness, anxiety or shock are some of the feelings that the expectant mother may encounter over the following nine months.

She may go through a variety of situations, depending on her circumstances: whether it is her first child or not, what her current relationship with her partner is like, and her emotional health. The website MedlinePlus describes the different feelings that may arise from pregnancy in women.

First trimester

Many questions and feelings develop when the woman discovers she is expecting:

  • Concern for the symptoms she may experience (vomiting, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, etc.)
  • Fear for the health of the baby and of regular medical exams.
  • She may be sensitive and suddenly go from feeling unhappy to being in tears.
  • She may have hopes and dreams about the baby.

Second trimester

At this point, the woman’s mood and personal situation tend to improve. Changes at this phase include:

  • Excitement with feeling the baby’s first movements.
  • A general feeling of wellbeing and completeness.
  • Dreams and hopes about the baby and about becoming parents.

Third trimester

During this final phase, the woman may experience the following emotions:

  • Excitement and anxiety about giving birth and everything that it involves.
  • Fear that the baby will be born with a birth defect or problem.
  • Anxiety about comments and advice from family members or friends.

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