Chemotherapies can affect memory Chemotherapies can affect memory

This treatment can produce difficulty to concentrate and recall things. The same happens with some biological therapies and radiotherapy.

The Cancer National Institute indicates that these cognitive problems can start during or after a cancer treatment. Some people note difficulties to remember things, while some others present memory or concentration problems. The doctor will assess the symptoms in order to advise the patient how to control and treat these alarm signals. Treating situations such as undernourishment, anxiety, depression, fatigue or insomnia can also help to mitigate this condition.

If you or someone you love is living this situation, the following measures help to control minor memory or concentration problems.

  • Making a plan for the day. Carrying out the things that require more concentration at a time of the day when the patient feels better. Rest more and sleep at night. Short naps of less than one hour are recommended.
  • Exercise body and mind. Exercising help reducing tension and feeling more alert. It releases endorphins, also known as happiness hormones, which improve mood and provide a wellbeing sensation. Ask what light exercises are recommended. Mind and body practices, such as meditating and doing puzzles are useful.
  • Help yourself to remember things. Writing down and keep a list of important information at hand. Using an agenda, a tape recorder or any other electronic device that allows achieving this objective. Preparing a list of names, telephone numbers and keep it in an easy to find place.

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