Childhood cancer, a challenge for the whole family Childhood cancer, a challenge for the whole family

Compassion can become a lifesaver during hard times. And good communication is key.

A diagnosis of childhood cancer can affect all family members emotionally. Managing emotions during each stage of treatment should therefore be a priority. The U.S. National Cancer Institute offers a series of tips to keep a positive attitude and a positive relationship between parents and children who must be brave about taking on this condition everyday:

  •     Be compassionate. Everyone deals with situations differently, this does not mean that one person is suffering more than another.
  •     Have open communication. It is important to be in constant communication about the good and bad both as a couple and with the child.
  •     Spend time together as a family. This is the best way to strengthen family bonds and deal with changes as a team.
  •     Set time aside to clear your mind. This helps parents deal with stressful moments with a different mindset.

In 2018, the World Health Organization introduced an initiative to fight cancer among the youngest members of a family. The goal is to reach a 60% survival rate among kids who have cancer by 2020.

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