Children and reopening: How to act Children and reopening: How to act

Know the key recommendations for leaving the house with children.

 The rules of mandatory preventive isolation and measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are changing depending on what the circumstances call for and in accordance with the directions of local authorities. As parents, it is important to bear in mind local governments’ rules regarding childcare and know what is or is not allowed.

In an informational fact sheet, child psychologist Carolina Molina (@carolina.molina.o) and pediatrician Catalina Benavidez (@mimamapediatra), both mothers, detail some guidelines to keep in mind when going out with children.

  •  Children must be accompanied by an adult. Follow protection measures to set an example for them.
  • Children older than two years old must use sunscreen and a mask. Also bring hand sanitizer if necessary.
  • They can ride bicycles or roller skate, walk, or run in open spaces. Keep them from bringing toys and playing on playgrounds.
  • Medical visits are permitted for pending check-ups, examinations, and vaccines. Avoid taking them to shopping malls, supermarkets, or to visit grandparents as much as possible.
  • Greet others from afar, not with your elbow. Try not to eat street food.
  • It is essential that you warn them about and clearly explain to them the new reality that they will encounter when they go out, as well as the rules, and protection measures.
  • Validate the emotions that your children may have, such as fear and anxiety. Talk about the experience upon returning home.

It is also very important that you do not use going out as a bribe or punishment and that you avoid taking children outside if they do not feel prepared or do not want to do it; one should only go ahead when they are ready.

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