What to do when your children won’t eat What to do when your children won’t eat

When children are just developing their eating habits, challenges are often common. 
The following are some tips for helping children have a delicious and healthy diet from the United States Department of Agriculture’s nutritional program, Choosemyplate.gov.

  • If children do not like a food the first time they eat it, do not give up, try it again. There are many opportunities for the child to try it again and end up liking it.
  • Serve your child the same type of food that you prepare for yourself and for the other members of the family. This way your child will learn that there is not a certain food that is just for him or herself to eat, and will see that everyone else likes the food.
  • Let children decide how much they want to eat. More than anyone, they know when they are full or when they need more food to meet the energy requirements their bodies need.
  • Involve children in preparing and selecting food. Giving them information about the food, about where it comes from, and its properties, among other things, will help them better understand their eating habits. Preparing the food together with children will help motivate them to pick out and eat new foods. Read also: Get children involved in their nutrition