Tips for taking care of your nails Tips for taking care of your nails

Not all nails are the same. Infections, how brittle they are or how well they tolerate nail polish are all important reasons to take special precautions with them.  

  • Should I use a nail clipper? If you have thin, fragile or peeling nails, it is best to just file them in order to prevent them from breaking easily or from peeling off in layers. If you have strong nails, it is okay to use a nail clipper (Also read: How to prevent and treat weak nails).
  • Do not cut your cuticles. This makes the nail bed vulnerable and increases the risk for infection. Also, once they are cut, hangnails begin to form.
  • Avoid acetone-based nail polish removers: This makes nails weaker and causes them to peel.
  • Semi-permanent nail polish can end up weakening the nails. This happens if you use this polish frequently. The recommendation is to apply it two or three times in a row, then let the nails rest for up to two months. This polish should not be used if your nails are infected or if you have a fungus and should be removed by a professional or with an appropriate remover.

Source: Experts from Masglo nail polishes