Clean and odor-free feet Clean and odor-free feet

Having sweaty feet is not a cause for concern. However, when they emit a consistent bad odor, it is best to consult with a doctor.
To prevent this bad odor, the KidsHealth webpage suggests the following:


  • Wash your feet every day, scrub them well and make sure to dry them.
  • Use the right socks. Cotton, certain types of wool and special fabrics for exercising absorb sweat and allow the feet to breathe. Wear clean socks every day and change them once they become sweaty.
  • Make sure your shoes are not too tight, as this makes the feet sweat.
  • Change the shoes you wear. Using the same shoes every day can make them smell worse. Let them dry for a few days before using them again.
  • Washing your shoes or insoles can help eliminate bad odors.
  • Being barefoot lets your feet breathe.
  • Do not share shoes or towels. This prevents the transmission of bacteria that can cause odors.

If you feel that the smell is becoming a problem, use foot powder or deodorants that can fight it. If this does not solve the problem, see a doctor to learn about other treatments.

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