Coconut water for thirst relieving? Coconut water for thirst relieving?

This clear liquid is naturally found inside this tropical fruit.

As the coconut matures, its water is substituted by its white pulp that is commonly used as a beverage and as a solution for dehydration related to diarrhea and exercise. The  MedlinePlus Portal explains that this water is also consumed for regulating high blood pressure and improving physical performance. This fruit is rich in carbon hydrates and electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and magnesium.

The Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, classifies its efficacy on the basis of scientific evidence, with the purpose of demystifying some wrong believes and guiding people toward a better use of natural products. Aligned to the above, this database found the following:

  • Dehydration. Some investigations show that coconut water consumption helps preventing dehydration in children suffering from mild diarrhea. However, there is no evidence that it is more effective than other beverages for this purpose. Now, regarding exercise, some athletes drink it as a replacement of liquids after a physical routine, which could be better than mineral water, but the results are still preliminary.
  • Blood pressure. Some studies suggest that its intake could decrease blood pressure in people suffering from high blood pressure, when combined with drugs used for such purpose.
  • Dosage. Natural products are not always necessarily safe and their consumption regulation is basic. It is necessary to seek advice from a specialist, in order to determine their daily amount and follow the specialist recommendations.

Coconut water is different from coconut milk. Coconut milk is produced on the basis of a coconut pulp emulsion prepared from the grated pulp of a ripe coconut.

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