Colds and flus, the most common illnesses when going back to school Colds and flus, the most common illnesses when going back to school

Returning to school goes hand in hand with the return of illnesses that are typical among school-age children. 
Having contact with all the children and a lack of prevention makes school a likely place for the spread of disease.

What happens is that children go from a safe and healthy place like their home to one where they are exposed to both external elements (an outdoor environment, the wind, rain and pollution) and to shared objects that make it easy for illnesses to be spread.

The most common sicknesses are colds and flus, and the figures speak for themselves. An adult normally experiences between one to two episodes of the flu a year. School-age children, however, can get the flu between 8 and 10 times a year.

Prevention is the best medicine. Among other precautions, get children into the habit of washing their hands and follow a diet that is rich in vitamins and nutrients that strengthen the immune system. It is difficult, however, to avoid these diseases. When they do occur, especially when they are viral infections (with fever, diarrhea or vomiting), the recommendation is to keep children home from school, which helps prevent contaminating others and speeds up recovery by getting needed rest and treatment.

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