Common doubts during a firstling pregnancy Common doubts during a firstling pregnancy

The fact of being a mother for the first time brings many questions. Herein we answer some of the most frequent questions about pre-natal care.

The Woman Health’s Office, in the United States of America understands pre-natal care as the medical attention a woman receives during pregnancy. This is a very important attention, because provides guidance about patterns and will follow up baby’s and mother’s wellbeing.

  •    When shall I consult the doctor?

If you are pregnant, or you suspect being pregnant, make an appointment with your doctor. A specialist will schedule several controls for you during gestation. It is important that you attend all of them.

  •    What controls and tests shall I be subjected to?

In most of prenatal visits, blood pressure is measured, mother’s weigh increase is calculated and her abdomen is measured for controlling baby’s growth, in addition to baby’s hear rate. Blood tests are normally requested in order to discard anemia or other diseases. Avoid X rays.

  •     What food can I eat?

Choose a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calcium rich foods and little saturated fats. Remember to consume sufficient amount of water and avoid smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming narcotics, as these substances are harmful for the baby.

  •    Can I take medicines?

Ask your doctor before suspending any medicine or starting a new one, as not of them are safe to be taken during pregnancy.

  •    What habits to include or avoid?

Do not take very hot showers or use sauna or jacuzzi. Try to sleep well, a good handling of stress and learn about maternity by attending courses, watching videos or reading books.

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