How pinworms are spread How pinworms are spread

Pinworms are small worms that tend to live in people’s intestines. It is especially common among children.

Pinworms are small. Their eggs enter the body when you swallow them, or after someone touches something that is contaminated and puts their mouth in contact with their fingertips. It takes approximately one to two months between when a person swallows their eggs and when they hatch.

The best way to prevent these infections is by washing your hands well with warm water and soap before eating, after playing outside and after using the bathroom. Also, because the eggs can attach to your clothes, it is important to change your underwear every day.

If a child or adult has pinworms, there is no need to worry, as they are not harmful. A medical specialist may prescribe medication to make sure all of the pinworms have been eliminated as well as a cream to relieve itching.

Keep in mind

Children that go to school get this infection easily because they spend a lot of time with other children, who are more prone to having pinworms. They may touch something that contains their eggs while they are playing and ingest them without even knowing it. In fact, their eggs are so light, that some may even float in the air and can be swallowed.

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