Companies deal with emotional health Companies deal with emotional health

A healthy work environment promotes integral wellbeing of all the employees.

Medical advisor Sandra Yanira Ocampo Sarmiento
National Manager of Human Administration Health Area of Coomeva Private Healthcare

Today companies incorporate more benefits, initiatives and policies that reflect on the integral wellbeing of their employees as a way of recognition to their undertakings and to impact the quality of life of their families and theirs in a positive way.

Such a standpoint makes the meaning of work more dynamic, by going beyond a simple role, by making visible the individual in his being, in his essence, inviting him also to undertake each task with greater determination, with a better attitude and a more optimistic outlook on life. This makes for a healthy relation between the employer and the employee and makes it possible to minimize the psychological and social risks; it strengthens ties with Human Management that is in charge of furthering actions to reconcile the relation of man with work.

This viewpoint translates into the promotion of different strategies to bring about emotional wellbeing among the members of the organization who spend most of their time at work where they deliver the best they have in order to reach their objectives. It is thus evident that if an individual likes what he does, he encourages those around him motivating them to obtain results. This is contrary to what happens when a person is demotivated as he burdens his workmates with complaints and commentaries that are not edifying.

So, Human Management delivers tools to its collaborators so that they feel well with themselves, with others and with what they receive from their work environment. This seeks to make people feel harmonious and connected with their goals and to motivate them to lead a healthy life style through health-care.

“We must emphasize the fact that people feel well because it all helps out with productivity making motivation stand on high grounds and promoting collaborators to give the best they have,” explains National Manager of Human Management Health Area of Coomeva Private Healthcare Sandra Yanira Ocampo.

In order to achieve this companies provide with different actors that intervene and follow-up on cases that occur in the firm. For example, a collaborator that is undergoing a divorce process, another one that incapacitates frequently, someone with a sick child or whose communication is deficient. The company strives to come up with a diagnosis, helping to confront the circumstances, to manage emotions and look for the correct solutions. “The employee can also hold his hand up and look for human management to say he isn’t feeling well, that in his work and his life things are happening. This is the moment to establish a tie of trust,” concludes the professional.

People with good emotional health have the capacity to face disease, change or loss.

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