Company animals have influence on wellbeing Company animals have influence on wellbeing

A pet’s love can provide more than accompaniment.

 So indicates the United States Health and Human Rights Department, because in addition to pleasant moments, the pets contribute to heart’s health, reducing stress and, even, favoring children with their social and emotional skills. The studies have demonstrated that any interaction with animals decreases cortisol levels in the body. This is a hormone associated to stress, and improves blood pressure. Likewise, it has been discovered that company animals reduce the sensation of solitude and increase social support sentiments, which leads to a more positive mood.

Likewise, pets influence on child’s development and help children suffering from autism and from attention deficit and hyperactivity, as a source of consolation. In the case of therapy dogs, some times they visit hospitals and homes with the purpose of minimizing patients’ anxiety. Another recent study, by the alliance of the United States Health National Institutes – NIH/Mars showed that fish care was favorable to teenagers with diabetes, leading to improving this disease. Likewise, the fact of having a pet implies to assume new responsibilities, such their care and feeding, which is also positive to formation.

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