Connecting with our affiliates Connecting with our affiliates

Diligence, efficiency and personalized care are three of the many benefits of our virtual healthcare platforms.

At Coomeva Private Healthcare, we constantly advance and update our processes to provide our affiliates and their families with the best care; because we know that developing and growing together leads to transformation. This is why we work to constantly provide our affiliates with online solutions that meet their needs, improving their experiences with our services.

This is the motivation behind our Digital Strategy: a platform that contains all the information from our different services with state-of-the-art technology. We invite you to get to know our multi-service initiative and begin to make use of these virtual solutions, which minimize waiting times, making the lives of our affiliates easier •

These are the services that can make your life a bit easier

 Mobile application

The Coomeva App is an alternative way to request and check on medical authorizations, obtain copies of your Family Plan account statement, access the physician and dentist directory, access Coomeva Emergency Medicine (CEM) services and read the Coomeva magazine.

Self-service kiosks

We have 15 of these electronic devices located in 10 cities throughout the country. These digital kiosks allow affiliates to perform self-service transactions, such as request medical authorizations, submit questions and communicate with the Contact Center to receive an orientation on all the services these kiosks provide.

 My Personal History: Your Health is Loving Yourself

These web and mobile applications allow affiliates to take a test that evaluates their eating habits, mental health and self-care practices, allowing them to assess their lifestyle in order to know what they need to improve. With these guidelines, affiliates can prevent and reduce the risk of disease.

Health questions

At our website, you can chat online with a healthcare specialist who will answer the frequently asked questions affiliates have about symptoms, prevention and disease, orienting them with the information they need.

Virtual office

Located on our website, this page allows you to perform transactions such as submit requests, access important documents, manage your health risk and learn about changes and information of interest related to Coomeva Private Healthcare.