Conscientious sexuality Conscientious sexuality

Conscientious sexuality

Sets 20 August, 2017 Ana María López de Mesa

Entering the world of having intimate relationships requires maturity and independence. As a teen, it is essential to not be pressured by friends or get caught up in trends. 

Sexologist Jorge Hernán López encourages youth to begin their sexual journey only once they feel emotionally prepared, are clear that eroticism is also something that is learned and once they make the decision to be responsible for the health and reproductive systems of their bodies. “It’s not enough to just want to. It is a life decision: one that requires consciousness and responsibility,” states López, who also offers the following suggestions:

  • Educate yourself well about sexuality with adults you trust, do not be afraid to ask questions.
  • Learn about the body and about the risks that each person faces before they begin having intimate relationships.
  • Talk with your partner and, most of all, do not rush.
  • Be conscientious.
  • It is crucial to feel forced.
  • You can always say “no” at any time.