Contributing to air quality Contributing to air quality

Beyond the responsibility that governments and corporations have to air quality, individuals can also make a difference.

The high rate of industrialization in developing cities together with the conditions of modern life, leave the chemical composition of air quality in urban areas out of balance with several contaminants that affect the health of its inhabitants. (Related article: The effects of air quality on your health).

With the support of national governments from around the world, the World Health Organization invites all people to take on the challenge of improving the quality of air they live in. The contribution each individual can make will not only help reduce harmful chemicals in the environment, it will also address the visual and noise pollution that affects a population.

With this objective in mind, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection in Colombia offers the following recommendations:

  • As a preventative measure, service your car regularly.
  • Trash and other waste items should not be burned. Follow the recommendations for recycling and waste disposal from your local garbage collection company.
  • Reduce electricity use as much as possible. This helps lower emissions that are harmful for the environment.
  • Perform regular maintenance on gas appliances such as stoves or water heaters.
  • Be sure all areas of your home are well ventilated, especially with the presence of harmful gases such as aerosols.