Prenatal care: the best way to ensure a smooth delivery Prenatal care: the best way to ensure a smooth delivery

Prenatal care: the best way to ensure a smooth delivery

Special 26 October, 2016 Isabel Vallejo

Prenatal care serves as a road map that allows for expecting mothers to have an excellent childbirth experience, one that does not have any surprises and has a happy ending.

According to Luis Carlos Serna, obstetrician and gynecologist from the Pontificia Bolivariana University in Medellín, the key to successful childbirth, whether cesarean section or vaginal birth, is good prenatal care. This helps determine the proper type of birth for each situation and physically and emotionally prepares the woman to give birth.

This allows for the physical and emotional exertion that birth entails to not be traumatizing or painful for the woman, as it is a way for the woman to consciously prepare herself for this moment from the beginning of her pregnancy.

Prenatal care is generally administered throughout each trimester of pregnancy. It is important for there to be trust and good communication with your doctor during these appointments to address issues such as:

  1. The progress of the pregnancy, the health of the baby and of the mother

  2. The importance of physical activity

  3. Healthy eating

  4. Methods for giving birth and possible complications

  5. The negative consequences of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs during pregnancy

  6. Sexual intercourse during pregnancy

  7. Breathing as a therapeutic way to relax

  8. Pediatric care for the newborn baby

  9. Breastfeeding and its benefits for the baby

Being prepared helps women understand what labor is actually like, helps them to go into it without stress and eliminates the possibilities of complications or risks during childbirth. A positive experience during labor will make for an even more special delivery.