Cooking techniques for a healthy kitchen Cooking techniques for a healthy kitchen

Cooking techniques for a healthy kitchen

WITH YOUR WORLD 1 February, 2018 Isabel Vallejo

Cooking healthy requires having the right ingredients and precision. Try different healthy cooking methods such as steaming, baking, barbequing or poaching.

Advisor Mariana Arango, Chef

Steamed rice without salt or oil and Spanish tortillas are two examples of healthy cooking that can offer both wellbeing and flavor for the ones you feed. Eating healthy is not just about selecting the right ingredients. Having the right cooking techniques also plays an important role of cooking at home by experimenting with common everyday foods such as beef, chicken and vegetables.

The more you avoid fried foods, the better. Oil has its nutritional properties, but only in the right amount. The key is to use other techniques that, although they appear to be simple, can be accompanied with side dishes to make the dish a little more exciting.

  • Steaming

Steaming is perfect for meats, vegetables and rice. Be precise about the time with this method, as overcooking can make foods lose their nutritional value and leave them dry. Fish or chicken work well with this technique. Make a sauce so these foods are not plain. Seafood, vegetables and potatoes also good options.

  • Baking

In the oven, with the steam that comes from the water of the food item itself, and together with the change in temperature, this forms an outer crust on meats that help retain moisture and therefore keeps the juice in. This technique is perfect for chicken, Spanish tortillas, potatoes with garlic and vinegar, and breaded dishes in general. As it does not require oil, the herbs and spices used leaves these dishes tasting great.

  • Barbequing

Barbequing does not require cooking oil, although a little can be added to the meat when cooking. One healthy choice is to barbeque or grill chicken breasts after they have been thawed for a few days in the refrigerator. Another alternative is to use grilled chicken to make a sandwich, salad or soup, perhaps with a side of rice. Do not overcook meats, it is okay to eat meats that are still a little raw.

  • Poaching (en papillote)

This technique is commonly used and recommended by chefs. It consists of cooking a food in a heat-resistant pouch or parcel such as aluminum foil. It can then be baked in the oven, placed in a frying pan, grilled or placed in the microwave. Like steaming, this technique cooks the product in its own juices. It is also great for cooking fish with vegetables on top.

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