Coomeva Emergency Medical Services, the first choice for your health Coomeva Emergency Medical Services, the first choice for your health

This new company, which is part of the Coomeva Cooperative Group, is structured to continue growing as a gateway to health services in Colombia.

Gustavo Ocampo
Coomeva Emergency Medical Services Manager

Since 2002, Coomeva Emergency Medical Services, CEM, has positioned itself as the best complementary option for the home health care needs of Colombians 24 hours a day. CEM professionals, trained to perform remote triage, can determine what type of care is needed together with the user. Telephone, virtual, and home consultations are available with general practitioners, psychologists, nurses, or nutritionists, making more efficient medical care possible. “Before using your EPS, private healthcare, or insurance policies, the user should use our service first. Only 4% of our cases are transferred to an institution, and the other 96% we solve on site,” explains Gustavo Ocampo, CEM manager.

To reach these figures, constant investment in technology and logistics is important (the home care units were completely renovated in 2019 and new renovations are expected to begin in 2021), as well as ongoing staff training.

 Although physicians have all the skills needed to care for a patient in any circumstance, home care training is not common in medical schools, so CEM has dedicated itself to establishing agreements with these institutions that allow professionals to update their knowledge, while sharing this type of care with students, which can be challenging for some.

“The trick is knowing how to ask questions so that the patient can give you the right answer. Questions cannot be vague, they must be clear, and a relationship of trust must be established so that a video appointment will be just as effective as if you were at the doctor’s office,” Ocampo affirms.

The experience gained in these 18 years has been particularly useful during the current global health emergency. Those who have the service have been able to avoid face-to-face attention; during the strictest of the obligatory preventative confinement, 70% of the consultations were done virtually or by phone, without any detriment to the quality of care.

Home visits also continued, but not before making a strong investment in adequate protective elements that allow CEM to have a 5.3% accumulated infection rate among its personnel during the pandemic, while, according to the WHO, the average infection rate among health personnel is up to 14%.

Network of benefits

The service has coverage in Cali, Bogotá, Medellín, Barranquilla, Cartagena, and Pereira. In these cities, care is not only provided at home, but the user can request it wherever they are, even if you are in your car and feel sick. To make it even more widely accessible, CEM has established important partnerships with wide ranging channels such as Gane, Rappi, and other outstanding national and international brands; it will even soon start providing access to home care services through telemedicine to Colombians abroad.

 CEM also offers personalized services at the business level with integral solutions for the assurance and provision of health care tailored to the different companies, including the outsourcing of processes. Today, it has more than 1,400 affiliated companies in collective plans, protected areas, transfers, and telemedicine/telementoring.

The global trend is for telemedicine and telementoring to increase their numbers, after users became massively familiar with the modality during the pandemic and used the different tools, which allowed them to perceive the advantages in terms of comfort, warmth, timeliness, solutions, and trust. Now, CEM has 115,000 clients; by 2024, it plans to provide care for more than 200,000 Colombians, provide more than 1.5 million services, and save more than 100,000 lives.•

Connect with CEM Find out more on our website and the national service line 018000 930 932.

To access the home health service, just call #586 or use the App.

For Coomeva members

  • By being a member of the Cooperative, you will be able to access a preferential plan with differentiated rates and benefits with several national partners. Relief is also available during the national state of emergency.
  • In addition, during the last year we have worked hard to develop internal synergies with the different companies in the Group, seeking to complement the services of the members, health, financial, and insurance activities.
  • As a result of the changes in the social security system in Colombia and the worldwide transformation of health services provision schemes in the midst of the pandemic, Grupo Coomeva has committed to the creation of Coomeva Emergency Medical Services as an independent company, highlighting that more than 18 years ago, Coomeva Private Healthcare started this great initiative as a business unit.