Coomeva Emergency Medicine: looking after your health for 15 years Coomeva Emergency Medicine: looking after your health for 15 years

Over this period, this service has improved by expanding its portfolio and is now located in five cities throughout the country. 

On January 21, Coomeva Emergency Medicine (CEM) completes 15 years of operations in Cali and Medellín. Over the years, we have expanded to a total of five cities: Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cartagena in addition to the two previously mentioned. We currently serve more than 90,191 affiliates who receive a variety of benefits from our portfolio of healthcare services, and we go beyond offering pre-hospital medical care (see “Serving you”). Nationwide, CEM treats an average of 600 people a day.

In order to stand out from its competitors and improve it services, CEM has created a series of services that provide an added value to our members such as: 24-hour in-home dental emergency care; a hotline that provides nutritional and psychological information during our business hours; an emergency regulation center (determines the availability of hospital beds, making the transfer of patient care between doctors safe), the Loyal User Plan “Más Activo” which rewards members for living healthy lifestyles; our appointment app; modern ambulances; the provision of commercial drugs during visits and partnerships that provide our members with discounts for appointments with specialists, medications, and lab tests, among others.

We hope to continue expanding our regional coverage in the future by adding more than five new medical centers•

Serving you

  • CEM: Our at-home medical attention service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • CUEM: A program designed for companies that want to protect their employees in the event of an accident or serious health condition, wherever they are located.
  • Safe zone / Safe company: Immediate medical attention in the case of an emergency in a company’s safety zone. Benefits include: coverage for all safety zone employee and visitors, assistance in identifying healthcare risks and recommendations for preventing industrial risks and implementing industrial safety, among others.
  • Healthline: A service for companies that offers assistance and information over the phone in the areas of general health, nutrition and psychology.