Coomeva Private Healthcare  on the road to growth Coomeva Private Healthcare  on the road to growth

Continuing with the Cuidarte es Quererte model is one of the challenges faced by engineer Marco Montes Martínez, our General Manager.

With an exemplary track record and experience of more than 23 years as a strategic leader in companies in the health sector, pension funds, and the insurance sector, engineer Marco Montes Martínez assumes the General Management role at Coomeva Private Healthcare.

During his professional career, Montes Martínez has worked to consolidate the growth of the organizations he has been a part of, focusing on guaranteeing brand presence and relevance through corporate value-adding strategies under a model of inspiring, innovative, and methodical leadership.

He is a Market Engineer from the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, specialist in Financial Management, and has an MBA from the Pontifical Xavierian University. He is passionate about understanding different cultures as a result of both travel and reading.

“Our challenge is extraordinary because it will allow us to get closer to our users.”

One of his main challenges is the evolution of Coomeva Private Healthcare, starting with the company’s sustainable development and support of the health model Cuidarte es Quererte, which is based on risk management, from self-care and disease prevention with personalized care.

We are working alongside our partners, who are all the health professionals that make up Coomeva Private Healthcare’s network, to achieve these goals.

 “Our challenge is extraordinary because it will allow us to get closer to our users, who will continue to count on a flexible organization with great experience that is constantly growing and is always at the forefront”, states Montes Martínez, who is now part of a company with more than 46 years of history, more than 6,500 medical institutions and health providers in the country, and more than 347,000 users.

 “I would like to thank Coomeva Private Healthcare and the Coomeva Group for this wonderful opportunity. I am proud to be here today”, expresses engineer Montes.