Costochondritis: Inflammation in the cartilage Costochondritis: Inflammation in the cartilage

Suffering from chest pain can be an alarming experience; sometimes, however, this pain can be caused by a condition in the rib cage.

The ribs connect to the sternum by cartilage that can swell and cause severe pain. When this happens it is called costochondritis, one of the common causes of chest pain.

Some of the reasons why this condition occurs can include exercise, lifting heavy objects, the exertion from sneezing, a chest injury and some types of arthritis. Some of the most common symptoms include severe and sharp pain in the rib cage that can extend to the stomach or the back as well as pain from taking a deep breath or sneezing.

This condition is harmless, but it can feel alarming when it occurs. According to the KidsHealth webpage, this pain can be associated with a heart problem in the chest, so the recommendation is to visit your doctor to rule out something serious. Part of the recovery process includes taking painkillers, using hot water compresses and resting.

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