COVID-19 vaccine near as another form of protection COVID-19 vaccine near as another form of protection

Getting vaccinated is one of the several measures to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, which in some people can be serious or fatal.

The development of an effective COVID-19 vaccine around the world is a race against time in which multiple laboratories and scientific teams are competing. Today, this process is already at an advanced stage for some of the compounds that have resulted from this research and are about to start mass testing.

However, the question arises as to how these doses act on the body and how safe they will be in the event of mass vaccination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explain that there are already three types of vaccines that will enter the last phase of studies in the United States: mRNA vaccines, protein subunit vaccines, and viral vector vaccines.

Although all three are highly complex scientifically, they all have in common that they are created based on proteins or genetic material specific to the virus that causes COVID-19.

Function in the body

The CDC states that none of these vaccines can cause you to get the disease. There is a possibility that a person may become infected with the virus just before or just after being vaccinated and get sick because the vaccine did not have enough time to generate protection, so taking careful precautions before and after vaccination is important. On the other hand, sometimes after vaccination, the process can cause symptoms such as fever. This is normal and is a sign that the body is developing immunity.

In addition, most of the vaccines developed today against the disease will have to be applied in more than one dose in order to achieve maximum protection.

“Vaccines work with the immune system so that your body is prepared to fight the virus if you are exposed to it. Other measures, such as the use of masks and social distancing, help reduce their risk of being exposed to the virus and of spreading it to other people,” states the entity.

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