Crossword puzzles for exercising the mind Crossword puzzles for exercising the mind

Crossword puzzles for exercising the mind

Special 2 February, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

The practice of this favorite pastime keeps our neural bonds active, preventing the brain from aging.

Medial advisor Santiago Pérez Echeverri – Psychologist

As with all our muscles, we must train our minds to stay in good shape. Crossword puzzles can be very effective tools for achieving this. The regular practice of filling out a crossword puzzle is a mental exercise that combines fun, health and wellbeing. It is not just about spending time filling out a series of words. It is an activity that involves improving our reasoning skills, our overall memory and the speed of our thought processes.

Crossword puzzles are a way of gaining knowledge that is related to linguistic structures, general culture and grammar in a different and dynamic way. Some would even argue that they help you learn to solve everyday problems of logic both quickly and correctly.

Those who do crossword puzzles for fun can develop their linguistic skills, expanding their vocabulary,” states psychologist Santiago Pérez Echeverri.

These hobbies help people identify common patterns in specific situations. This fosters analysis from different perspectives which helps to develop unique solutions.

Crosswords are also a productive way to escape after a stressful and fast-paced day, as they help puzzle doers change their routines and relax, leaving tension behind.

Our reflexes and memory also benefit from this activity. If the mind is active with the aid of tools like this, it improves it chances for training itself and developing its ability to remember.

“Crosswords are not the cure for mental or neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s, but they do help contribute to our concentration, agility and logic,” Pérez explains.

There are many reasons to not just skip over the games section of newspapers and magazines. These are tools where if used regularly, will unleash positive and beneficial changes in the body

Who invented crossword puzzles?

The origin of crosswords is believed to date back to the first century, as indications of them have been found in the ruins of Pompeii, where they were known as Sator Squares.

As we know them today, however, crossword puzzles were invented thanks to Arthur Wynne, an English journalist who published one of these puzzles in the New York World. This game was given the name “word – cross.”

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