For your health For your health

For your health

CORPORATE 3 August, 2017 Ana María López de Mesa

Exercising, eating well and relaxing the mind are all part of your health and wellbeing. Take a moment to learn about our new campaign.

Medical Advisor :  Camilo Duisaba Perdomo. National Marketing Director, Coomeva Healthcare Sector.

Designed with the intention of caring for the health of our members and their families and prioritizing disease prevention, Coomeva Private Healthcare is promoting healthy lifestyles based on three fundamental pillars: self-care, mental wellbeing and comprehensive care for children and youth. These pillars are part of our campaign, “Your Health and Loving Yourself,” (Cuidarte es Quererte), each of which aligns with the different programs we offer.
The aim of this initiative is for individuals to be conscious about caring for themselves and give up negative habits such as smoking or unhealthy eating, and take on positive habits such as exercising and relaxing the mind in benefit of our daily lives. “Leading a quality life means improving the way people feel. The basic foundation of healthcare is rooted in our own individual will, everything else is a tool, information or a way to achieve self-love,” explains Camilo Diusaba, Marketing Director of the Coomeva Healthcare Sector. Following this line of thought, the purpose messages like, “Fill your life with physical activity and good company,” “Pack your days with less calories and more energy,” and “A fun habit: 60 minutes of exercise,” is to invite our members to become engaged in the challenge of living a balanced life. To begin, all you need is a little enthusiasm and clear objectives.

Learn more about your health: is a webpage for our members so they can research their health needs by age or stage of life.