Cuidarte es Quererte for every stage of life  Cuidarte es Quererte for every stage of life 

Through health education guidelines and activities, we support you and your family in achieving greater wellbeing and health.

We’re with you to help you change and transform your life by adopting healthy habits. To that end, at Coomeva Private Healthcare we have made our Cuidarte es Quererte value promise tangible through our risk management model, so that you can connect with us, foster a healthier family and social environment, and put self-care into practice. In this way, we support you in achieving your goals through an outstanding team of healthcare professionals, who are available to assist you at all times. Through Cuidarte es Quererte and its values: Caring, Solving, Supporting and Generating Wellbeing, we present the programs that will accompany you during the most important stages of yours and your family’s lives. 

Cuida tu Bienestar

Leading a healthy lifestyle is within everyone’s reach, and it depends on you. Through this program, Coomeva Private Healthcare provides guidelines that will enable you to make the necessary changes in yours and your family’s lives. Using online training and activities aimed at prevention, we support you so that you can build a life full of wellbeing based on our seven pillars: healthy lifestyle habits, restorative sleep and rest, a suitable diet, physical activity, managing emotions, healthy sexuality, and time to strengthen family and friendship bonds.

Te Acompaño

In order to assist you, we provide health management through support and intervention in modifiable risk factors, preventing a decline in your clinical condition, secondary complications and avoidable hospitalizations.

Cuidar de Ti

This program is designed to offer support in the management of the health services of members with high-risk and high-cost priority pathologies, in order to quickly identify technical healthcare needs so that they can be managed opportunely, thus reducing associated complications and/or controlling residual risks.

Maternidad Contigo

Nothing is more important than ensuring the health of mothers and their unborn children, so if you’re currently expecting a baby you have our support (find out more on the next page).

Juntos palliative care

This program aims to ensure comprehensive, coordinated care across the network of healthcare professionals defined by Coomeva Private Healthcare. In this way, the quality of life of the families and members who require special care at an advanced stage of disease is improved.