Deal with a panic crisis Deal with a panic crisis

Deal with a panic crisis

Armony in health 21 August, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

When an anxiety crisis appears in more than one occasion, it is known as an anxiety disorder. The most adequate course of action is for the person to seek a psychiatrist to follow up on their case.

According to psychiatrist Lina Escobar Gómez, during this kind of crisis, the person experiments feelings of anguish associated to thinking that they are going to die, that they are losing control or going crazy, as well as rapid palpitations, chest pains, instability, and hot flashes, among others. This a situation that can be handled as long as the patient is familiar with the issue, takes relaxation measures, and resorts to slow and deep breathing techniques.

It is also clear that no human being will suffer a heart attack at the moment of the episode, although the symptoms might be similar. “After a crisis, the patient will live in constant fear that it may happen again. This is why they must take on a follow-up on their case, and if required, they should follow a pharmacological treatment. These are the best options to avoid anxiety from affecting their quality of life,” added Escobar Gómez.

Panic attack symptoms appear suddenly, with no apparent cause. However, “50% of cases are associated to genetic factors,” the professional explained.

Psychotherapy helps the patient and teaches them ways to feel less scared and anxious.