Dealing with being shy Dealing with being shy

Dealing with being shy

Small giants 13 September, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

Shyness is an emotion that affects how people feel and behave when they are with others.

Often common among teens, shyness makes people feel uncomfortable, self-conscious, scared, nervous or insecure when they are around others. It can also come with physical sensations such as blushing, feeling shaky, speechless or breathless.

The web page Teens Health from Neomurs, offers a few tips on how to deal with it.

  • Practice. It’s no wonder that shy people avoid socializing. The more these social behaviors are practiced, however, the easier and more natural they will feel.
  • Go slowly, but surely. Stepping back from any situation that might make you feel shy can reinforce shyness and keep it at a level that is hard to get past. Believing in yourself is key.
  • Know that you can do it. Plenty of people learn to manage their shyness. Know that you can, too.