Dementia: When the brain loses its ability to function properly Dementia: When the brain loses its ability to function properly

Dementia: When the brain loses its ability to function properly

Grandparents 6 July, 2016 María Alejandra Tavera

Over the years, not only do our bodies experience changes to our skin and hair color, our brains also lose their primary functions, completely transforming our lives.

Cognitive abilities are those that process the information received by the brain. Because of these abilities, one can detect, remember, understand and solve different problems. These are the main mental skills that become affected upon the onset of what is called dementia, a condition that significantly deteriorates the fundamental skills needed in order to have a properly functioning body and mind.

According to the webpage,, when an individual suffers from this condition, this intellectual impairment affects different basic activities or functions such as the total or partial loss of language, as well as the loss of the patient’s memory, reasoning, or perception of reality. In some cases the individual loses control of their emotions, which causes their personality and behavior to change.


Be Aware of the Symptoms

Generally affecting individuals over the age of 60, the main signs of dementia include the repetition of questions, problems with becoming oriented in spaces that are known to the individual, a loss in one’s sense of time, insomnia and changes to the way the individual walks.

The World Health Organization states that this disease is one of the main causes of disability and need for assisted living throughout the world among older adults. Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia followed by vascular dementia, which is the result of having experienced a large number of strokes.

Implementing patient care

Treatment for this disease depends on the cause. For example, there is no cure or treatment to stop Alzheimer’s, but with thorough patient care, there are ways to help the patient cope with each of its symptoms.