Dental Patrolling protects smiles Dental Patrolling protects smiles

Cariotón, our character, is always stalking and his favorite hobby is to eat up children’s teeth such as the one Pablito who forgets to brush his teeth after enjoying many sweets.

His favorite ice cream is vanilla and when he eats it this is the perfect situation for ill-tempered and ill-bred Cariotón to enter his mouth. One day Pablo got a toothache and his dentist explained to him that if he brushes his teeth three times every day his dental health will be protected. Captain Fluor with his strength and leadership, Marvelous Floss with its softness and care of the gums and Mr. Mouthwash with his fantastic and fun personality are always ready for action. They defend children from this oral enemy and protect thousands of smiles. These are the characters of Coomeva Oral Health who teach children, youngsters and the entire family the best guidelines for oral hygiene to avoid cases such as Pablito’s from presenting by using self-care based on prevention. ! Get to meet them, you too!