Depression Depression


WITH YOUR MIND 5 April, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

Each year, on April 7, World Health Day is celebrated. With a focus on reflecting on mental health, the theme for 2017 is depression. Social connections are important in order to address this condition.

350 million people in the world are affected by depression according to WHO.

Take action when there are symptoms

Depression can be described as a persistent feeling of sadness and a loss of interest in everyday activities during a period of at least two weeks. People tend to experience symptoms such as loss of energy, changes in appetite, the need to sleep more or less, anxiety, restlessness, hopelessness and thoughts of suicide or of doing self-harm.

Talk about it

The stigmatization of mental illness continues to be an obstacle to those who seek help. As a vital part of healing from this condition, WHO’s initiative is to emphasize the importance of talking about this issue. It is also important to combine talk therapy with medication prescribed by a specialist.

20% is the incidence rate of early death caused by extreme loneliness, according to researchers from the University of Chicago.

Keep in mind

  • This illness can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender or social status.
  • Youth between ages 15 and 24 and the elderly are the groups where this issue requires special attention.
  • Fostering social and familial connections and having an emotional support network are important to helping prevent this condition from being fatal.