Discipline and consistency Discipline and consistency

The divers from Antioquia, Daniel Restrepo and Sebastián Morales, who classified for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, are preparing to achieve their next goal.

Behind athletes’ biggest achievements are people and companies that from the very beginning believed that dreams are meant to come true. This is the case for Daniel Restrepo and Sebastián Morales, the first Colombian divers to classify, in advance, for the Olympic Games that will take place in Tokyo.
With the support of Coomeva Private Healthcare, they secured their individual place on the three-meter-high diving board several months in advance. Before this global event, Daniel and Sebastián are getting ready for the FINA Swimming World Cup with demanding physical and psychological training. Here they are looking for a new place, this time for synchronized diving, where they are also some of the best in the world. If they achieve it, they will participate in two sporting events where, in the past, Colombia has been a protagonist.

Support that builds dreams

Coomeva Private Healthcare continues supporting the Colombian National Gold Plus Swimming Team with one more demonstration of support for Colombian sports. Being pioneers in this commitment, which has lasted more than 14 years, we reaffirm our confidence in the talent of our national athletes and in the ability sports have to transform lives. As an insurance institution in the health sector, we support the dreams of our youth, knowing that with their effort and discipline, they will bring great joy to the entire country.

Daniel Restrepo, 19 years old

“In the Olympic Games in Tokyo I dream of making a name for Colombia.”

Even though he started practicing Taekwondo and earned a black belt, since he was little, swimming was a way to manage his hyperactivity, which was something a specialist recommended his parents try. In the pool, he started to burn all of his extra energy. However, just being in the water was not enough, and he started doing huge jumps. His first trainer saw this potential and decided to have him focus more on diving.
He earned his place in Tokyo in the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima, where he won a gold medal and a direct place in the Olympic Games, which he will attend for the first time. He has stood out in youth competitions such as the South American Championships, earned a gold medal in the World Junior Championships, and also won two gold trophies in the Youth Olympic Games. In the midst of his hard training, he found a space to enjoy his passion for music.

Sebastián Morales, 25 years old

“We will always be grateful to Coomeva for all the support they have given us.”

His passion for sports led him to start practicing BMX when he was little, even though he quickly understood that his future was in the water, and joined the Swimming League of Antioquia. Before his first Olympic Games, he trained up to eight hours per day, which included exercises in the water and in the gym, as well as psychological support sessions. He won two gold medals in the Central American Games and had an outstanding participation in the World Aquatics Championships.
He had his first experience in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he was a finalist. He still remembers the particularities of living in an Olympic Village. For the Olympic Games in Tokyo, he earned his place in the World Championships in South Korea last year. His expectations for what is to come are high, as he knows that he has the potential to bring a medal home to Colombia, and that with the country’s support, together with Daniel Restrepo, they can also obtain this historic achievement.

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