Discover the surprises of cooking with your children Discover the surprises of cooking with your children

Making different recipes with your children will teach them about the importance of nutrition while having fun.

Cooking together at home with the little ones is a way to have fun as well as strengthen family bonds. The American Academy of Pediatrics highlights the following benefits of spending time doing this not only during times of crisis, but always.

Awaken the senses: children’s contact with food preparation will give them comfort in the contact with different textures and allow them to consolidate positive associations, especially with fruits and vegetables.

Strengthen family bonds: cooking together with their parents is recognizing family recipes, which generates a stronger identity and also improves communication.

Learning the fun way: making new recipes is an opportunity to learn constantly, from math for food quantities, chemistry for the changes in state of the ingredients according to their temperature, to health, for all the nutritional benefits, which they most likely did not know before.

Consolidate their judgement: their opinion and requests during food preparation should be taken into account to give them a say in the final product. It is also important they know about proper and safe use of kitchen utensils.

Also, the Ministry of Health recommends starting with nutritious recipes such as the Mediterranean breakfast:

Italian omelet


–         1               Egg

–         ¼             Bell pepper, finely chopped

–         1 tbsp      Chopped chives

–         ¼             Sliced tomato

–         1 tbsp      Olive oil

–         ½             Slice of cheese


  1. Beat the egg with salt and pepper to taste.
  2. In a pan, heat the oil and add the egg. When the egg starts to take on consistency, add the tomato and sprinkle in the chives, bell pepper, and basil.
  3. Place the cheese slices on the omelet.
  4. Continue cooking until the egg is no longer a liquid consistency.
  5. Serve on a plate. You could also serve with bread, papaya, cereal, and tea with milk.

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