Do not let a bad diet make you give up carbs altogether Do not let a bad diet make you give up carbs altogether

There are myths about fat and grains that can cause you to eliminate them from your diet. The truth is that fruit and vegetables must complement them.

Do not get carried away with those crash diets that promise dramatic results in a matter of months. Many of these say that carbohydrates make you fat, cause unhappiness, can increase the risk of diabetes, and can even put people at risk of heart failure or at the mercy of serious gastrointestinal problems. However, a report published by Men’s Health journal outlined four essential points to consider for carbohydrate consumption:

  • “Non-essential” does not mean “not important”: the first thing is to clarify that the essential nutrients are those that must be consumed because the body does not produce them. Technically, carbohydrates are not essential in the diet because the body produces them in the form of glucose. However, they are of great importance due to their energy compensation.
  • Grains are necessary: quality grains are an important source of glucose that the body uses as an energy source. And although it can produce glucose from other sources, it is not as efficient. Some cereals such as oats contain soluble fiber, which helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and causes a feeling of fullness.
  • Fiber should not only come from fruit and vegetables: you can get the grams of fiber needed by eating only fruits and vegetables, but that does not represent the diversity of fiber types needed for optimal health. For example, the cholesterol-lowering fiber, beta-glucan, is found in barley and oats, not in fruits and vegetables.
  • Fat is a complement: While fat can provide a lot of energy, it does not provide fiber or antioxidants to keep cells healthy, and fiber does not help repair damaged muscles. Eating a balanced diet with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats really helps to cover all your needs.

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