Do you have a positive personality? Do you have a positive personality?

A study conducted by Columbia University has found three common factors that characterize this type of personality.

Conducted by psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman, this study identified the so-called “luminous triad”: the three common denominators of a positive personality. As EFE Health explains, Kaufman analyzed aspects such as forgiveness, honesty, trust, acceptance and the ability to enjoy. The results led to three qualities: Kantism, treating people as ends in themselves (and not as a means to obtain something); humanism, valuing the dignity of individuals; and faith in humanity, believing in the fundamental goodness of others.

The key elements of a positive personality also include the tendency of admiring others, thinking that people have a good heart, forgiving quickly, applauding the successes of others, preferring honesty to “charm,” being authentic and treating others fairly.

To assess how positive your personality is, take the test here.

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