Do you know how to age successfully? Do you know how to age successfully?

Do you know how to age successfully?

Grandparents 3 July, 2016 Activa Mesa de ayuda

Getting old is inevitable. We often, however, accelerate this process by exposing our bodies to unhealthy habits that lead our bodies to become ill and to decline.

According to different theories on aging, our bodies begin to decline at the age of 25. So why not begin as early as possible to work towards entering old age successfully?

While it is true that aging does not depend just on factors that can be controlled and that often other factors such as genetics are involved, both of which cannot be fought, the truth is that at least 70% of the factors that cause aging are found in one’s lifestyle and in environmental conditions. In addition, a key factor that is part of the concept of successful aging is the level of one’s “subjective well-being” or personal satisfaction which, according to a study from the University of Cantabria, is when “…individuals feel satisfied for being able to adapt to the changing situations of their lives.”

From early on, the idea is to seek ways to keep your body in good shape and to maintain a healthy mind, which leads us to successful aging.

By changing some lifestyle habits and putting the following recommendations into practice, it is possible to prolong our lives not just in regard to the number of years we live but also with regard to the quality of our lives:

  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle with a proper and balanced diet
  • A high level of physical activity throughout your life will keep your body in greater physical condition and will improve your state of health.
  • Strengthen your interpersonal relationships. Stay active and meet new people. Discovering and becoming more knowledgeable on different ways of life enriches our minds.
  • Seek opportunities to constantly learn new things that challenge your mind.

Longer lifespans
Just a few decades ago the average life expectancy was 65 years old, yet it continues to increase. Currently, the average life expectancy in developed countries is as high as 74 and it is expected that in the next century, this figure will exceed 90 and 100 years of age.
To think of these additional years of life is without a doubt good news, but it is even better for these years we are gaining to be full of a truly quality life.