Do you know what a heart murmur is? Do you know what a heart murmur is?

Do you know what a heart murmur is?

Before 24 June, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

Learn about heart murmurs to determine whether they are harmless or indicate abnormalities.

According to the webpage MedlinePlus, a heart murmur is a whooshing or rasping sound heard during a heartbeat. This sound is caused by poor circulation through the heart valves or near the heart.

According to the Texas Heart Institute, heart murmurs generally do not present symptoms and are often discovered during medical examinations conducted for other reasons such as chest pain, breathlessness, fatigue or a bluish discoloration in the skin or on the tips of the fingers (this is called cyanosis).

What can be done for them?

Benign heart murmurs do not require treatment. With abnormal murmurs, however, the medical procedure depends on the cause and on how serious the problem is. The most commonly used medications for heart murmurs are diuretics, antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

In more serious cases, surgery may be performed in order to replace the diseased heart valves with artificial ones, correct congenital heart defects or remove benign heart tumors.

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