Do you know where the most germs are in your house? Do you know where the most germs are in your house?

Do you know where the most germs are in your house?

Armony in health 11 August, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

While the most contaminated areas of a house may be obvious to many, there are some frequently forgotten spaces that are important to disinfect.

Conducted by the University of Barcelona and the Foundation for Health and Social Security Studies in Spain, the study “Estudio Sanytol,” which examined hygiene practices in the home, was able to identify the spaces or objects in the home that accumulate the most number of germs. We have chosen to highlight the following, which can be potential health hazards.

  • Toys: Not only do they stay for long periods of time thrown on the floor, children often put them in their mouths. On top of this, they tend to not be disinfected as often as they should, which is why they become a significant pathway for bacteria and viruses to be transmitted.
  • Technological devices: Up to 600 different germs can be found on cell phone screens. The same goes for keyboards, remote controls, tablets and other devices that are constantly in contact with our hands and are rarely properly cleaned.
  • Sponges and kitchen rags: The germs that grow in the kitchen, on food and on kitchenware end up getting concentrated on these cleaning supplies where they can remain for up to two weeks if they are not properly disinfected.
  • Toilet: This is the most contaminated place of the home, but it is also one of the places that gets most thoroughly and frequently disinfected, which is why it is not much of a concern for people’s health.
  • Metal fixtures: When it comes time to clean the house, doors, windows and balconies are the places that are most often forgotten. These are some of the places we most frequently touch throughout the day, which is why the study focuses on them as central places for transmitting flu viruses and other respiratory diseases.