Don’t believe everything you hear about Coronavirus treatments Don’t believe everything you hear about Coronavirus treatments

If you catch Covid-19, the recommendation is to always follow medical advice. Homemade or alternative remedies can make things go from bad to worse.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has estimated that it could take until mid-2021 for a vaccine for Covid-19 to be approved and ready for use. Nevertheless, while scientific groups around the world continue to work on a cure for the pandemic, supposed miraculous cures appear every day that have no evidence or organization to endorse them.

For instance, Covid-Organics emerged in the African island nation of Madagascar. An herbal concoction based on the artemisia plant (also used to treat malaria), it has been promoted by the country’s president Andry Rajoelina as a cure for the virus, and now is even exported in the form of tea.

In Cuba, the use of an anti-viral drug called Interferon Alpha-2b (previously used to treat dengue, hepatitis B and C, and HIV) has been promoted and, according to Gerardo Peñalver Porta, the Cuban ambassador to Russia, it has shown positive results in Chinese patients.

Another alternative treatment has taken shape in Turkey, where the company RD Global INVAMED developed TurkishBeam, a laser system that allegedly destroys the virus completely without affecting the body’s cells or patients’ DNA.

What’s recommended

Despite the fact that a never-ending stream of therapies and treatments keep appearing in every corner of the world for the treatment of Covid-19, none have been endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization states that, while some of these solutions may alleviate mild symptoms of the virus, to date no medication has been proven to prevent or cure the disease.

Foods or supplements that provide zinc and vitamin C and D to strengthen the immune system, in addition to physical activity, social distancing, hand washing and high-quality sleep, are currently the main recommendations to follow in order to fight Covid-19.

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