Don’t forget about your feet Don’t forget about your feet

Our feet are great partners in crime: they take us from one place to the next while they support all our bodyweight. Yet we do not always give them the attention they deserve.

Massages and pedicures are not enough. Feet need special treatment that can prevent future unnecessary conditions.

According to the webpage MedlinePlus, the most common feet problems are: “Bunions (hard, painful bumps on the big toe joint); corns and calluses (thickened skin from friction or pressure), plantar warts (warts on the soles of your feet), and fallen arches (also called flat feet).” If you have one of these signs do not self-medicate, as poor treatment may bring negative consequences.

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Provided by the Valenciano Foot Institute, keep the following recommendations in mind to avoid these conditions:

  •       Use shoes that fit and that are appropriate for the type of work you do and physical activity you prefer.
  •       After bathing, be sure your towel dries completely.
  •       Cut your nails straight so that their corners are not curved.
  •       Be very careful about where you get a pedicure, it is best to bring your own nail file and nail cutter with you.
  •       If you sweat excessively, use special powders to help control this. Also, try to change your socks frequently.

Warning signs

Our feet also have the ability to warn us when something is not right with our health. As the Valenciano Foot Institute states, see a doctor if your feet are exceptionally dry, if the hairs on them suddenly disappear, if you have toenail deformities or if you experience chronic foot pain. These symptoms may be the sign of heart or thyroid diseases.