Early diagnostic of tuberculosis, the best prevention tactics Early diagnostic of tuberculosis, the best prevention tactics

Although being a preventable and curable disease, the tuberculosis continues being the most lethal infectious disease in the world.

“Each day 4500 people die as a result of TB, and approximately 30 thousand people acquire this disease”, according to a communication from the World Health Organization (WHO), with regard to the Tuberculosis World Day, or TB, as it is known in the United States of America.

The best prevention strategy, according to the United States Government Centers for the Control and the Prevention of Diseases, is an early diagnostic that allows establishing controls on time for cutting the transmission chain; because this is a disease easily spread by air way. This is why, if an individual has been close to someone who suffers this disease, and this last one then shows a chart of cough with phlegm that lasts for more than 15 days and intensifies along time, should be subjected to tests for detecting a potential infection.

In the event the result is positive, the patient should start a treatment with drugs recommended by a health professional, in order to eliminate the associated microbes. Likewise, the patient should implement actions for reducing the possibility of spreading it to his relatives and friends, such as covering his mouth when coughing, using handkerchiefs, preferable disposable ones, and ventilate the environments.

The Tuberculosis World Day is commemorated on the 24th day of March, because on that same day in the year 1882, Doctor Robert Koch announced the discovery of the bacteria that provokes this disease, which later allowed to diagnose and cure it.