Early symptoms of pregnancy Early symptoms of pregnancy

Women often do not experience signs of pregnancy until they do not have their period.

According to the webpage Babycenter.com, 60% of mothers show signs of being pregnant after six weeks and 90% show signs after eight weeks. Keeping track of the menstrual cycle, as well as any monthly changes that may occur, can help women be more aware of the indications of pregnancy. The following are eight symptoms that may be signals a woman is pregnant.

  1.      Odors becoming unpleasant

It is normal for certain smells to cause nausea. This could be one of the side effects of the rapid increase of estrogen levels in the body. It is also common for pregnant women to dislike certain foods that they used to enjoy.

  1. Changes in mood

This is partly due to the hormonal changes that the body experiences that also affect the level of women’s neurotransmitters (the chemical messages in the brain). Some expecting mothers experience heightened emotions, some of which are good and some of which are not, such as depression or anxiety.

  1. Bloating

The changes that first occur to the body can make women feel bloated, which also occasionally happens before women get their periods. This is why women’s clothes become tight early on, even though the uterus is still small.

  1. Frequent urination

Hormonal changes in the body increase the circulation of the blood to the kidneys; this fills the bladder faster, making it necessary to go to the bathroom more often.

  1. Fatigue

Sleepiness may be caused by the rapid increase of progesterone hormone levels. Nausea and having to wake up frequently at night to go to the bathroom also contribute to fatigue.

  1. Sensitivity and swollen breasts

This is caused by an increase in hormone levels. This sensitivity or pain in the breasts may feel like an exaggerated version of what women experience before they get their periods. This discomfort goes away after the first trimester.

  1. Bleeding or light spotting

If women keep track of when their period should come and notice spotting, this could be a result of implantation bleeding, which is occurs when the ovule attaches to the uterus.

  1. Nausea

Some women begin to feel nausea one month after conception while others begin to feel it two weeks after becoming pregnant. Regular nausea and vomiting during this stage can happen at any time: morning, afternoon or night.