Eating chia seeds the right way Eating chia seeds the right way

While these seeds are easy to digest, it is important to keep in mind that if they are not consumed properly, the body will eliminate them without absorbing their nutrients.

According to the Spanish Association for Nutrition and Food Science (SEDCA, Asociación Española de Dietética y Ciencias de la Alimentación) it is best to grind chia seeds with a mortar and pestle, for example, or let them soak in water for a few hours prior to their consumption, allowing them to soften so that their nutrients can be quickly absorbed by the body. They can be consumed in water, yogurt or in fruit smoothies.

Chia seeds contain fiber and antioxidants. They also contain the highest levels of Omega-3 in plant form, a source of essential fatty acids that benefit how the digestive system functions. If consumed in excess, however, they can cause a bowel obstruction.

Below are some healthy recipes that include chia seeds:

Orange, plum, grapefruit and papaya smoothie:

  •    Half glass of water
  •    Half of an orange
  •    Half of a grapefruit
  •    2 fresh plums
  •    2 celery stalks
  •    1 tablespoon of soaked chia seeds

Pineapple, mango and spinach smoothie:

  •    Half glass of water
  •    3 pineapple rounds (slices)
  •    Half a mango
  •    1 handful of spinach
  •    Shredded ginger
  •    A squeeze of lime
  •    1 tablespoon of ground chia seeds

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