Eating right for your workout Eating right for your workout

Eating right for your workout

Armony in health 27 January, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

Keeping a regular workout generally requires increasing your intake of calories and water. Stretching both before and after exercising is also an important part of your workout.

Whichever your choice of exercise may be, including enough vitamins and minerals in your diet through fruits and vegetables is critical as well as consuming proper daily servings of the different food groups such as dairy products, means, eggs and grains.

Alexandra Pérez Idárraga, nutritionist and dietician from Universidad de Antioquia, speaks of the importance of being sure to include three meals a day in addition to some healthy snacks in between. Depending on the type of exercise you do and on the intensity, schedule, and objective of your workout, eating between 5 and 8 times a day in a scheduled and well-distributed way is a necessary part of reaching your workout goals.

Alexandra recommends increasing your intake of liquids, establishing a more structured eating schedule, improving the quality of the food you consume, avoiding long periods of time without eating and being careful of eating too much without being too restrictive. Eating fruits or yogurts are therefore a good idea for after a workout, as they do not leave you with more calories than what you burned off.

This video explains what you should eat before, during and after you work out.