Education is key to a good nutrition Education is key to a good nutrition

Nutritionist Sandra Alfaro is a health care lender in the medical network of Coomeva Prepaid Medicine and is considered by IOCIM the best Nutritionist in Latin America in her area of specialty.

“While working I am always concerned about people, and being able to help them change awareness of their nutritional habits,” says Doctor Sandra Alfaro a Colombian nutritionist recognized as the best in Latin America by the lOCIM 2018 XL International Health Congress for Medical Training and Research.

At the end of April lOCIM will award her at the 2019 XlII World Congress in her specialty this time in Iguazú, Argentina adding to her achievements over 25 years of experience attesting to her having impacted the quality of life in different communities of the country with her profession, her passion for teaching and for scientific research. Education is the flag she carries. “I am passionate about nutrition in all its aspects and it is fundamental that a specialist in the area enjoy cooking and know well the origin of food and the ways in which it can be combined to better advantage,” explains  health care lender of the Coomeva Prepaid Medicine and Specialist in the Imbanaco Medical Center of the City Hall of the city of Cali.

Her mythology transcends the conventional written diet and the consultation in the doctor’s office as it seeks to understand the context of her patients accompanying them in their routines so they can learn to change their eating habits. “We the health personnel are educators. We are not only telling a person to take some medicine or follow a diet. But everything is achievable when you like what you do,” she adds.

She then explains that for pedagogics to work take the person, his habits, his resources, and skills must be taken into account in order to approach them with the most adequate method. She has worked with different audiences: high performance sportsmen, mainly football players, and educational professionals, patients suffering from obesity or with chronic illness who learned to understand their alimentary needs and gain awareness of their habits.

“I always bring people to observing their own being. That is the only way an individual can get to know his metabolism and the chemical and biochemical reactions that the body performs to carry out its functions. When they identify that, they are astounded by the responsibility they have with their own body,” she concludes.

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Sandra Alfaro is a Nutritionist from the University of Antioquia, Biochemist from the University of El Valle and Master of Arts in Clinical Nutrition from the International Ibero American University of Mexico.

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