The effects of digital stress The effects of digital stress

The stress from the pace of modern day life is becoming more and more common.

As Juliana Velásquez explains, a psychiatrist at Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital, “The main stress factor of the first humans was surviving the elements and keeping predators away. Nowadays, our most stressful factors are related to work, social life, culture and technology.” Technology has caused what has been referred to as digital stress, which is the result of the demand to be constantly connected to information and the implications and requirements that come with this.

It is becoming more common to see people that cannot disconnect from the virtual world, not even when they are resting. They constantly have to be checking their emails even at times or at locations they shouldn’t, and may feel extremely anxious when they cannot access this information. Considering how stress can impact an individual, it is important to take action to reduce these stress-inducing factors.

“Problems related to stress can be physical such as headaches, digestion problems, muscle pain, fatigue, and changes to sleep patterns; and they can be psychological, such as depression and anxiety, among others.”



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