Eliana Jiménez will run the Berlin marathon Eliana Jiménez will run the Berlin marathon

This Coomeva Prepaid Medicine’s collaborator is preparing herself for participating in one of the six most important marathons in the world.

Last 8th of June, Eliana Jiménez received a gold medal in 5k category of the Coomeva Entrepreneurial Group Sport National Games. It is the 35th medal she receives during her three years as an athlete, after participating in an equal number of marathons and ultra – marathons in the country. At international level she run the Lima middle marathon in 2017 and now her dream is to be part of the World Marathon Majors. Along this line, Tokyo, Boston, London, Chicago and New York will be her next destinations.

“When one decides to be a sport woman, there are a series of habits that you acquire step by step, in order to obtain results. I, for example, have a very healthy and happy life, I train six from seven days a week, swim at the middle of the day and run very early in the morning or at night. In addition, I don’t smoke or drink alcoholic beverages, always go to bed early and my group of friends reduced a lot”, explains Eliana who now is 52 years old and collaborates with Coomeva Prepaid Medicine.

Three months in advance to participating in such well-known marathon, and being supported by the Parkinson’s UK charity organization, Eliana acknowledges that when one enjoys what one does it is possible to add achievements in life, as she acknowledges that running requires discipline, sacrifices and a no-pause mental and physical preparation. “The day is today, the day we decide to be well with ourselves. Taking good care of yourself and loving yourself is doing the best for you”, concluded this woman who expects to bring from Berlin the best remembers and sufficient will to continue with her career as an athlete.

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Recommended posture when running

The head should be raised and your eyes looking at front; running looking to the floor, with your head bended, could result in cervical annoyances. Your trunk should be straight, although slightly vended forward; a vertical posture and even backward produces lumbar problems. The arms have an important compensating and balancing role; they should be kept relaxed, with an elbow flexion of some 90 degrees and during the march maintain them moving forward and backward.

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