Health care for the mind Health care for the mind

The following are few recommendations on how to take care of your brain. 

  1. Mental exercise: Keeping the mind active on a daily basis helps the brain fight the effects of aging.
  2. Physical exercise: Engaging in physical activity that is appropriate for the health condition of an individual can help not only prevent obesity, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and heart and circulatory diseases, but can also help keep the mind healthy.
  3. Social activity: It is important for people to take an interest in the activities of their surroundings, of their neighborhood and in their municipality. Showing interest is a way to be able to participate actively.
  4. Personal reflection: Seeking out company and dealing with stress helps to keep the mind balanced.
  5. Stop bad habits: Tobacco use, alcohol, drugs, drug abuse, and physical inactivity, etc. are all barriers to having a good state of health.
  6. Eat healthy: Nutrition is essential to keeping the body and mind healthy.
  7. Manage risk factors: High blood pressure, and high cholesterol and glucose levels are three risk factors that contribute to physical and mental decline.

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Source: Pfizer, a biomedical research company.