Establishing goals for making better decisions Establishing goals for making better decisions

Any change in your life style is a daily exercise that benefits your health. The lasting changes take time.

It is necessary to start establishing little goals that are easy to incorporate to daily life and that can be controlled. The wellbeing and the physical attitude imply a higher awareness at the time of making healthy decisions about diet, exercise and maintaining a positive attitude, in order to achieve a better wellbeing. The portal of Reliable medical advisory from the American Academy of Family Doctors in its The Health Guide states that health is a mind and body condition, and recommends the guidelines below for achieving such purpose:

  • Endeavor for reaching balance in personal and labor life.
  • Dedicating time to those relations that are important in your life, and which feedback the different perceptions you may have about life.
  • Looking for help when needing others’ support.
  • Seeking manners to alleviate the stress through physical activity and relaxation techniques, and in this way prevent the stress to become a distractor.
  • Having your mind open in order to try something new, such as a hobby or an activity.
  • Not to allow frustrations or especial situations to alter your life style.

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