Excessive exercise can be damaging? Excessive exercise can be damaging?

Specialists from the Mayo Clinic warn that exaggerating physical activity increases the risk of injuries and results in body exhaustion.

The Scientific Information and News Service, Sinc, informed that investigators from the Universidad de Granada confirm that bad techniques when practicing sports or excessively exercising increases the risk of suffering inflammations and damages in the muscle-skeletal system. Likewise, a study performed by three Catalonian institutions revealed that having a sporting routine without accompaniment and during long periods of time, provokes arrythmias. In this way, the experts suggest some controls for regular and high-performance sportspeople.

What is a suitable intensity?

For most adults, the United States of America’s Health and Human Services Department, advices a routine of 150 minutes a week of moderate aerobic activity, like swimming or fast walking, or 75 minutes a week of intense aerobic activity, such as running. If dealing with muscle strengthening, they recommend doing such exercises twice a week, using free weights, machines or performing activities in which the own body weight is used.

Take into account

A good indicator of activity intensity is heart rate that can be related to the effort perceived. Therefore, if you feel an over-effort, probably your heart rate is higher than normal.

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